Concealed Firearms Training



Our Goals:

To teach you the basics for being certified to get your conceal and carry permit as laid out by the Mo. State laws.


What we do:

*Instruction is given on basic handgun safety and handling as well as cleaning , maintaining and storing your firearm, types of CCW pistols and holsters, and the laws you need to know as a law abiding CCW holder.


*We teach you the requirements of this state for obtaining a certificate of qualification for a concealed carry permit from the sheriff of the individual's county of residence . The laws relating to firearms as prescribed in chapter 571; and the laws relating to the justifiable use of force as prescribed in chapter 563;


*There will be a required shooting demonstration by all students in accordance with state law which is a practice session, firing 20 rounds at a B-27 silhouette target from 7 yards from a revolver AND 20 rounds from a semi-automatic handgun.


*A live fire testing portion of the course is 20 rounds also fired at a B-27 target. You must get at least 15 out of 20 in the black to pass the shooting portion.


* The entire class is 8 hrs (could go longer if needed)in length, classroom AND range time.


Our Mission:

To prepare YOU for the opportunity to carry at all times, legally and responsibly.

* We do everything on-site. Classroom, lunch and range are all at same location in the California, Mo. area. Contact me at : for class details.


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