Rates and class outline



What does it cost ?:

$100.00 All inclusive.


What do I need to bring ?:

*At Ozark CCW we supply you with everything you need to practice and qualify with both a semi-automatic AND a revolver. Both guns and ammo are included in the price of the class. You are also welcome to qualify with your own pistol and ammo as well ,which is $85.00. Your choice.


*Safety is number one. Period. We require both hearing and eye protection during range sessions. We will supply that for the shooters if they need it. If you are without it, you will need to stand back away from the firing line until it's your turn to shoot.


*What we DON'T want you to bring is guns or ammo into the classroom . If you must bring a pistol in, please inform the instructor so he can verify it is in the case and UNLOADED !


*Bring something to drink besides water if you want, snacks or anything else you may want to have. I will supply lunch and bottled water. The statutes require the class be a minimum of eight hours in length, classroom AND range time.


What guns will I be using ?:

We will supply you with a Taurus 9 shot revolver for the pistol portion, and a Walther P22 for the semi-auto portion. You will have no troubles hitting the qualification zone of the targets with these pistols , unless you just can't shoot. If that's the case, then , well ....lol.


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